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Welcome to Consumer Decision Making Lab

Every day we make decisions as human beings and more specifically as consumers. For any given decision, we may think we know the factors which influence us; however, years of research in psychology and behavioral decision theory have demonstrated that oftentimes the variables which actually determine our choices and preferences can be beyond our own awareness. This lab is dedicated to exploring the variables which may exert an unexpected influence on the decisions we make and the ways in which we make them. The graduate students and faculty of the Yale School of Management strive to identify interesting research questions within this paradigm and develop effective experiments for testing them. Our lab is comprised of diverse individuals with unique research interests, within the realm of consumer decision making. Together, we aim to foster a productive academic environment for the generation of deeper insights into how consumers make decisions. Our ultimate goal is always to meaningfully demonstrate novel insights with practical implications for consumers and marketers as well as deeper theoretical underpinnings with academic relevance.