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Before completing the registration information please carefully read the informed consent information below. By providing your email address and registering on eLab you certify that you have read this information and that you understand the terms described below:

Participation in our studies is completely voluntary.  You are free to decline to participate in any particular study, to end participation at any time for any reason, or to refuse to answer any individual question without penalty or loss of compensation. You can complete as many online studies as you wish. Furthermore, you can decide to unsubscribe at any time by emailing elab@yale.edu.

The researchers at Yale School of Management are conducting research that examines consumer behavior. Participation in this research will involve completing simple online surveys. A few surveys may be linked to each other in one study. You are automatically entered into the lottery for a prize once you have completed the whole study.

Each of the studies has an assigned probability of winning and the prize listed on the front page of the website. The probability and the chances of winning are varied by the length of the study. The odds typically vary from 1/20 to 1/50 and the prizes vary from $10-50 in the form of an Amazon gift certificate. If you are registering from outside the U.S., please check Amazon.com's shipping rates, policies, and availability to your location. We take no responsibility for their inability to serve your location. You will see the information on probability of winning and prize before you start any of our studies.

Although this study will not benefit you personally, we hope that our results will add to the knowledge about consumer behavior.

Some surveys may also include a follow up study. The follow up study will be distributed via email. You will be asked separately whether it is ok to contact you with a follow up study. Refusal to participate in the follow up study does not affect your chances to win the prize lottery. However, you will not be eligible for the separate prize lottery which is part of the follow up study.

The studies on this website should pose no physical or emotional risk (short or long term) to those participating.

All of your responses will be kept confidential. Only the researchers involved in this study and those responsible for research oversight will have access to the information you provide. Your responses will be numbered and the code linking your number with your name will be stored in a separate database. Your confidentiality will be maintained to the degree permitted by the technology used. No guarantees can be made regarding the interception of data sent via the Internet by any third parties.

Your email address will only be used to notify you if you are the winner of the prize lottery and to inform you of the new studies as they become available.

Please register only one email address.

If you have any questions about any particular study, you may contact the investigators at elab@yale.edu.
If you have any questions about your rights as a research participant or concerns about the conduct of this study, you may contact the Yale University Human Subjects Committee, Box 208304, New Haven, CT  06520-8304, 203-785-4688, human.subjects@yale.edu.